The grocer’s

A little grocer’s is open every day, with products made in Orpierre : honey, apple juice, cheese, terrine… And vegetables and fruits during the summer.


A little hungry ? The snack is open friday and saturday evening and during the summer every day. We suggest salads, pizzas, french fries and sweets.

The bread

If you order the day before, we bring you bread and viennoiseries in the morning from 8h30.

Washing machine

We have a washing machine in the sanitaries. The price is 4€ for one washing.


Wifi and internet access, 3€ unlimited per week.

To climb and walk

We sell the Orpierre climbing book.


Les Partenaires

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Camping Les Catoyes
05700 Orpierre-Sainte Colombe - Hautes Alpes - Région PACA
Venir au camping Tél./Fax : 04 92 46 64 90 Nous écrire


Welcome to Parc Régional des Baronnies Provençales

C’est officiel depuis le 8 décembre dernier notre territoire appartient au 51e…

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