Orpierre is nestled in a valley beneath a vast circle of craggy rocks. Because it features about 500 fully equipped routes, tailored to all different levels, Orpierre is gaining a reputation as one of the principle climbing sites in France. Its seven distinct cliffs range from 750 and 1150 meters, with both eastern and western orientations, and this means that climbers can have a pleasant climb either in shade or in sun, from March until November. Even winter climbing is often pleasant.


All year round, one can hike about in a landscape rich in variety with its pine forests, groves of boxwood and oak trees, lavender fields, etc. Many well marked trails start off from the Orpierrrois villages, such as the GR946 route and the off-road footpaths. These paths range from short walks to long multi-day hikes; the various routes available means that there is something for everyone.

Mountain Biking

The steep, hilly landscape creates diversity and a wide choice of routes. After a little practice, bikers will discovers an immense playground, with both beautiful forested trails and smaller, more technically challenging ones. For the real biking enthusiasts, there several challenging hills to tackle, like Le Col St. Jean and Le Col Perty.

Swimming Areas

For swimming and relaxation, three sites are provided not far from the campground: the Orpierre pool, the Plan d’Eau Riou and the Domaine de Germanette. For the more adventurous, there are wild spots to discover like the Gorges of the Méouge, the Buech River, and the Durance River.

Hang gliding

Thanks to its exceptional air currents, the Buech region is a paradise for aerial sports, perfect for flying microlight planes and gliders, deltas, weight shift ultralights, paragliding, and kite flying. Within a radius of 15 km of the camping, one can find six take off areas, and during the year there are several tournaments and festivals featuring these sports.

Camping Les Catoyes
05700 Orpierre-Sainte Colombe - Hautes Alpes - Région PACA
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